How much does Chat SDK cost?

Chat SDK is a FREE messaging framework for iOS and Android. Without opening your wallet, you can let your users communicate and start turning your app into a community. When we say free, we mean free. The license is very permissive and we won’t ask for anything in return.
The Chat SDK is licensed under a dual license scheme. If you want to use the code in your app, you can use the Chat SDK license. This lets you use the code in any number of apps and then sell those apps on a store. If you are working on an open source project, you can use the GPLv3 license.  That means that you can use, change and distribute the source code as long as your open source project is licensed under a compatible license.

Are all the Chat SDK components free?

Chat SDK has all the core components you need to build a great messaging experience for your users. All the core components are provided free of charge.
That said, every messaging app is different so the Chat SDK was designed to support additional functionality through the use of modules. These modules are completely optional but allow you to extend the chat by adding additional message types – audio, video and stickers. Increase user engagement using read receipts and a typing indicator and many more features.
For premium modules, a license must be purchased from our store. The license will allow you to use the module on a certain number of individual apps. All the licenses also come with updates and support.

What about hosting?

The standard version of the Chat SDK uses Google Firebase to handle the real-time messages. During setup, you will configure the project to use your own Firebase account. We are not part of Firebase and have no access to your account. You may need to pay Firebase if your usage exceeds their free plan. Generally speaking, the free plan will support around 10,000 daily active users. The $25 per month plan will support up to 100,000 daily active users.

Do you offer consulting services?

Our team is always available to help you integrate the Chat SDK into your app. If you have a problem or find a bug you can create a new ticket on Github.
We can also help you integrate the Chat SDK with your app or add extra functionality. To get a quote, you can email us at
If you just want support, you can buy priority support hours from the store. Priority support gives you direct telephone access to our technical support team 24 hours per day. This is great if you are a developer yourself and just need some technical advice on the best way to implement a new feature.


We offer free support for bugs and simple queries on Github. You should use the ticketing system for iOS or Android. If you want more advanced help related to your specific implementation you should buy some priority support hours from our store. We can then help you directly by email or over Skype.