When we first met Maria RunBuddy was just an idea. Maria wanted to bring together runners by allowing them to connect with other nearby. The strength of a social network is that users can be connected in intelligent ways and this was exactly what she wanted to leverage. Connect users based on the pace, normal distance and gender to increase the number of people running in Melbourne.

After visiting a number of tech companies and being quoted around $100k for the project she finally came to us. Although ChatSDK didn’t currently contain location services we talked through the concept and managed to refine her idea to its core concept. From here we began development while also working closely with Maria to keep the build close to her original design. A few months later we had developed RunBuddy.

Build on the power and flexibility of the ChatSDK, RunBuddy lets users filter with multiple fields to find runners who are most closely matched to them. It also allowed them to connect instantly to discuss their training habits before even needing to step foot out the door. RunBuddy is a great example of how the ChatSDK can bring your idea to life.