Parlor randomly connects people from all over the world, allowing them to talk live as well as chat instantly with text. Over the last year they have gone from strength to strength and currently average over 100k daily active users and over 3 million users total.

Before Parlor started using the ChatSDK they hired an independent company to build them a chat backend from scratch. $50k later they still were no closer to connecting the scale of users which they wanted to with a product that was unreliable, expensive to run and unable to scale realistically with their ambitious business model. It was at this point that they found the ChatSDK and we helped them integrate it into their systems.

With solid foundations built on ChatSDK, the app could handle the huge number of users interacting every day and scaled well due to its diverse features and compatible Android and iOS versions. We quickly migrated all their users onto the Firebase databases and the rest is history.

To quote Joel, the founder, of Parlor “If you are thinking about making this purchase then just do it. It is so worth the money for reasons you can’t yet factor in.”, “To have the support that Ben (Chat SDK) provided as they did is just not what’s the status quo by any means. I have already purchased the Android Chat SDK and really wish Ben and his team a lot of success!!! If there was an option for 10 stars I would have given it to them”.