“86” is a traditional slang term in the catering business meaning to throw something out or get rid of it. This was the joke, Brett told us, 86App will help catering companies waste less making it an ironic name to choose. The concept was to connect catering staff to offer them food discounts and deals. Caterers are normally working during the busy time of the day meaning that if restaurants could leverage this they could increase their numbers during slow periods while also building contacts in the food industry.

After approaching a number of other agencies and feeling the quotes were too high, Brett got in touch with us about his idea. The scope of this project was big with a huge amount of data needing to be incorporated into the ChatSDK to allow users to access the latest restaurant details while also allowing establishments to know they were dealing with other members of the catering industry. Along side this the app had to look great, feel great and give real value to both businesses as well as users.

The end product spoke for itself. Intelligently design databases allowed users a huge amount of control to advertise themselves, adding their current job and previous work experience. 86 highlighted top deals and showed users what time and where they could take advantage of them. The last we heard 86 was gaining serious interest due to the top quality code the concept was built on.