Private and group chats

Allow users to create private and group chats. There’s no limit on group size and private chats can be converted into group chats simply by inviting a user.

Flexible login

Login using an email, Facebook, Twitter or anonymously. You can also authenticate with your existing server using custom authentication.

Push notifications

Targeted push notifications are supported out of the box. This means that users will never miss a message. You can also easily support your favourite push provider.

User profiles

Standard user profiles include a name, avatar, email and phone number but this can easily be extended by adding custom meta data to each user.

Full source code

The complete source code is provided with every license. The source code is well commented and documented and easy to modify.

Money back guarantee

All of our licenses come with a 2 week money back guarantee. Just drop us an email and we will process the refund. We only want you to use our code if it provides you with value and fits with your project.

Flexible search

A flexible search feature makes it easy for users to find their friends. The open API also allows you to add your own custom search indexes.

Public rooms

Allow users to create public chat rooms. Create themed rooms to allow users to get to know each other by discussing a particular topic.

IOS and Android

Versions are available for iOS and Android. Both versions are complete inter compatible out of the box.

Multiple message types

The SDK supports text, location, image, audio and video messages. You can also easily add your own message types. For example, our clients have added quiz message types and stickers!


Chat SDK is extremely scalable. We have customers with millions of downloads who are supporting over 100,000 daily users with no trouble.

Message history

A users complete message history is stored in the cloud. This means that if they lose their device, their conversations and groups can be easily resynchronised.

Full access to data

You have complete control over the app from end to end. From the client and server source code, to the message data.

Excellent support

We provide an excellent level of support and have someone available 24 hours per day to answer your queries. We try to answer support tickets in minutes rather than hours.

Cost and scalability

We get asked all the time about server hosting fees for the Chat SDK. We’ve worked with clients at many different scales from several thousand monthly users up to over 500k daily users. Below we’ve tabulated how much we think you would pay in terms of Firebase hosting fees per month as the app scales. For further reading, we have also done a more detailed analysis of the cost of different hosting options here.

  • App size
  • Small app - under 1k daily users
  • Medium sized app - under 10k daily users
  • Popular app - 100k daily users
    $199 per month
  • Larger app - over 100k daily users
    $199 per 100k users per month

Chat SDK powers apps with millions of downloads and hundreds of thousands of daily users.


Devices running Chat SDK


There are a range of addons that can be purchased to enhance your chat app.

Two-factor Authentication

Allow your users to log in securely using their phone number and SMS validation. Users can also recover a lost account and change their number.

Location based chat

View a list of users who are located nearby. This is very useful for dating and social chat apps.


Add your custom stickers to the chat and boost revenue. You can add multiple sticker packs which the user can select from a dedicated sticker keyboard.

Read receipts

Users get notifications when their messages are delivered and when they are read. Read receipts boost engagement because it encourages users to reply soon after reading the message.

Contact book integration

Allow a user to load their contacts from their addressbook. This works very with two factor authentication because users can be searched for using their phone number.

Typing indicator

Users get a notification when another user is typing. Typing indicator supports single and group chats.

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