The XMPP Chat SDK is a module that enables XMPP chat for the popular Chat SDK for iOS Messaging Framework.

The Chat SDK provides:

  • User interface
  • Data persistence

The XMPP module then provides a network adapter which allows the Chat SDK UI to communicate with an XMPP server.

Server setup

The XMPP Chat SDK uses ejabberd as it's default back end. First got to the ejabberd website and download the Community Version.

Follow the instructions on the ejabberd site to install ejabberd on your server.

Once the server is setup, you need to change some settings:

Enable registration

Change the ejabberd configuration conf/ejabberd.yml

    allow: all

    all: allow

    search: true
    matches: 10
    allow_return_all: true

Start ejabberd by going to the installation directory on your server and running:

sudo sh bin/ejabberdctl start

You can check that ejabberd is up and running by logging in to the server admin:

Client setup

The XMPP Chat SDK zip file contains everything you need to compile and run the project. However, a few steps are needed before you can compile the project.

Use the terminal to navigate to the XcodeXMPP folder. Then run pod install. This will install the project using Cocoapods.

Note: When you try to compile the project you may see bit code errors. To resolve this you need to disable bit code. Click the ChatSDK Demo target and in Build Settings search for bitcode. Set this to No. Now do the same for the Pods target and each of the targets inside the Pods sub project.

Now it's necessary to set the default XMPP server for the client. Open the info.plist file and find the xmpp settings: chat_sdk -> xmpp

Here you can set the following values:

server_port: 0
roster_search_path: vjud

If the server port is set to zero, the default value will be used. The roster_search_path is the service name which is used to search the roster. On ejabberd the default value is vjud.

By default the SDK is setup to use Backendless to handle push notifications and file uploads.

You can find instructions to setup Backendless on the main Chat SDK project site.