Allow your users to login using their phone number with the two factor authentication module. When you enable this module, rather than seeing the usual login screen, users will be presented with an interface where they can enter their phone number. The system will then send them a verification code via SMS. When they enter the code, their phone number will be verified and they will be logged into the messenger.


– Allow users to login using their phone number
– Automatically send a verification code via SMS
– Account recovery if the user changes their number of deletes the app
– Integration with Twilio for SMS delivery
– Custom authentication server (build with Symfony) to handle user accounts
Note: You will need your own server to run the two factor authentication server. The server should support a standard Apache, PHP, MySQL stack. You will need FTP and SSH access to the server to deploy the module. We recommend Server Grove as it’s an excellent host for Symfony applications with top notch support.
If you want help setting up the server, you can take advantage of our two factor authentication setup service. 
Hosting is also available for $29.99 per month. Email us for more details at


– Firebase Chat SDK for iOS
– Firebase Chat SDK for Android


This license covers all platforms that are supported by this module. However, you will need the sufficient number of licenses to support the number of apps you want to release – if you want to release apps for iOS and Android, you would need two single app licenses or a multi-app license or higher.

FeatureSingle app licenseMulti-app licenseEnterprise
Commercial UseYesYesYes
Money back guarantee14 days14 days14 days
Support30 days90 days180 days
Binary distributionyesyesyes
Source code distributionnonoyes


The documentation for this module is available here.

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