The sticker message module adds rich sticker message functionality to your app. Users love stickers and that could help boost engagement and drive growth. The sticker module includes a keyboard overlay which displays a customisable sticker packs. Each sticker pack can contain any number of stickers and you can add an unlimited number of packs. The module comes with 4 packs which you can use within your app and then you are free to add additional packs.


– Sticker message support
–¬†4 default sticker pack
– Easily add new packs by modifying a config file
– This modules includes the Keyboard Overlay module for free!


–¬†Firebase Chat SDK for iOS
– XMPP Chat SDK for iOS


FeatureSingle app licenseMulti-app licenseEnterprise
Commercial UseYesYesYes
Money back guarantee14 days14 days14 days
Support30 days90 days180 days
Binary distributionyesyesyes
Source code distributionnonoyes


The documentation for this module is available here.