Full instructions to help you setup the Chat SDK are included on the Chat SDK Github pages (iOS, Android) but you can save time by letting configure the client for you. We provide a number of service from simple Firebase configuration or push notification setup to full integration with your existing app.

Firebase Setup

– Create a new Firebase account for you
– Configure the client to use the new Firebase account
– Test that everything is working
– Install and test any modules that you’ve purchased

Push notification setup

– Create a Backendless account for you
– Generate push certificates in the Apple Developer Center
– Configure Backendless and the client to use the certificates
– Test to verify that push notifications are being received

Social login setup

– Create developer accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Google
– Configure Firebase to allow login using your social accounts
– Do the necessary client configuration
– Fully test the social login is working

Full Integrating with an existing app

– Setup of all necessary accounts (Firebase, Backendless etc…)
– Add the Chat SDK code to your existing app
– Provide code snippets for the server to generate a Firebase authentication token
– Integrate the Chat SDK with your login flow
– Integrate the Chat SDK users with your existing user system
– Demonstrate how a chat can be started with a user by clicking a button
– 2 hours of priority support