Firebase is a real-time database service provided by Google that is an excellent choice if you don’t want to host your own server. With Firebase, you can have our demo messenger setup and running in under 30 minutes. Firebase has a powerful dashboard that gives you access to your data and a REST API if you need to access data from your server.

Firebase is a hosted solution which means that you don’t need to manage your own server. You can setup an account and have the Chat SDK up and running in under 30 minutes.

Flexible authentication

Firebase supports login via email, Facebook and Twitter as well as Anonymous login and custom authentication using your existing server.

Great value

We’ve compared different messaging systems and Fireable has a very competitive pricing scheme. The free tier can easily support up to 15k daily users so most apps will never need to pay for hosting.


Firebase is a Google owned service and takes advantage of the Google infrastructure. It can support millions of concurrent connections and hundreds of millions of daily active users.


Firebase is blazingly fast. It maintains a two way, realtime connection with each connected device which allows messages to be delivered almost instantly.

Cross platform

We have SDKs for both iOS and Android which are completely compatible. You can support 98% of all mobile device out of the box.

Firebase Chat SDK for iPhone


Flexible Licensing
Commercial use allowed

Firebase Chat SDK for Android


Flexible Licensing
Commercial use allowed


Modules make it easy to add extra functionality to your chat.

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